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For Time When You Need Power…You Need Generac Generators!

If you want to buy from a company that knows the most about generators, then you should go to Generac Generators. This is a company that specializes in generator for both residential, commercial and recreational applications.

This is all they do, so they have taken generators to a whole new level. They have been in business since 1959, and have become a leader in the generator business. They were one of the first companies to pioneer not only affordable products, but also to design an engine just for generator use.

Generac generators are the work horses of the industry, and focus solely on the manufacturing of a wide selection of generators, and nothing else. Because of this, their products are some of the most advanced and toughest in the marketplace, providing power to small business contractors, as back up power for black outs, as well as many RV, and portable power devices.

No matter what kind of power you need, Generac generators have a model for you, in sizes up to 17,500 watts available, there is a generator for just about any need. For an example, they have the GP series portable generator for industrial applications, which is offered in models from 1,800 watts all the way up to the 17,500 watt size.

Some of the features included with this series includes Generacs specifically designed engines just for generators, and these motors will last up to four times longer than their competitors.

Some of the things that come standard are hardened steel tube cradles, a steel fuel tank, with built in fuel gauge, as well as an automatic low oil shut down feature. This helps to prevent engine damage by shutting the motor down once the oil drops below a certain level. There are built in circuit breakers, that protect outlets from overloading and causing serious damage to the unit or equipment that is plugged in.

Some of the larger models have folding handles that lock in place, and wheels for easy maneuverability.

Generac Generators also incorporate a noise dampening system, with mufflers that are low tone, and covers for engine exhaust, which makes these generators up to half as loud as other models. This is standard on all of the products they make for industrial as well as portable use. They also carry a wide ranges of generators for residential applications as well.

If you want to make sure that no matter what happens, you have a reliable power source for your home, then getting a Generac generator for the home is a must. They offer core power systems, which cover all the power needs in your home.

They offer a completely automatic back up power supply, which will start within seconds of a power outage, and will run continuously from either natural gas, or propane, so there is not worry about running out of gas. This company offers the best value and easy installation, and comes complete with a transfer switch, as well as the mounting pad.

For the full line of Generac generators, there is a website. You can find out the history of the company, all of the products they offer, and can order directly from them. You can also use the site to find a dealer in your area.


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